natural massage therapy prescott arizona

natural massage therapy prescott arizona

in Prescott, AZ

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Polarity therapy promotes balance and helps to restore the flow of energy through holistic therapy.

Natural Massage Therapy is beneficial to those seeking alternative cancer treatments, relief of back pain, alleviation of anxiety/depression, aid for spinal injury and promotion of well-being.

Clients gather tools such as journaling, labyrinth walks, exercises, books, meditation and much more from Natural Massage Therapy.

Nancy M. Turcich is an accomplished author of the natural massage therapy book, "Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life."

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"Natural Massage Therapy... An experience in which I can sink below my cognitive processes and just be... centered and wholly present. The best massage experience I have ever had. Thank you Nancy. You are a talented therapist." ‾ D.H.

Welcome to Natural Massage Therapy

Natural Massage Therapy, the place for healing on all levels. Why continue searching when you can relax knowing that you are in good hands? At Natural Massage Therapy, each session is customized to meet the healing needs of our clientele. Polarity Therapy or energy medicine complements every session to assist with stress relief, to break old patterns and ease pain. Nancy M. Turcich is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and author.

Helping Other People Energetically

This acronym was born as a result of a client's observation following his energetic treatment. Ray said, "You give people hope."

Many people approach Natural Massage Therapy when their conditions appear beyond hope, outside the reach of traditional medicine.

Nancy T. has been working with Energy Medicine, Polarity Therapy in particular, since 1986.  Energy Medicine is fascinating, exciting and liberating.

Together, we release trauma in the body and hope returns.  There is always HOPE.

Helping Other People Energetically ~

Featured Work

Finding My Way From Paralysis To A Rich, Full LifeFINDING MY WAY From Paralysis To A Rich, Full Life 

Two books under one cover. "Finding My Way From Paralysis To a Rich, Full Life" is a compelling memoir as well as a holistic reference guide. A treacherous fall from a 40-foot cliff left Nancy M. Turcich paralyzed from the chest down. Nancy's life was transformed after enduring an intensive recovery period which coupled allopathic and holistic medicine. Mindfully peeling away layers of paralysis allowed Nancy to uncover her strength and claim a rich, full life. This book is a wonderful reference guide for students, lay people and therapist interested in "true" healing.

eBook - Available for purchase on your Kindle, Nook, iPads, and iPhones.

Read more about Natural Massage Therapy

Nancy's expertise in alternative therapy and, in particular, Polarity Therapy is well documented. Written material pertaining to Nancy's unwinding experiences and natural healing methods can be found by going to the articles section.

Why Natural Therapy?

Natural therapy has recently become very popular. One reason for this is the increase of stress in our society. Read on...

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